Some images from the Freedom project

  • 10/10/2020

with Anna, Bianca, Elettra, Ginevra, Margot, Melissa, Miriana, Paola
(in order of appearance)

Charity auction in favour of the Colombian people

  • 05/06/2021
I just discovered a charity auction in favour of the Colombian people - I immediately thought, for once, to break my “vow of chastity” and to publish some images of my works that I make available for the project on my IG account.

Wherever you live you can participate in the auction and make your contribution.

If you are a model, in addition to my prints you can also make your offer to buy a photo session with me; the session, whose theme will be the Freedom project lasts a full day and takes place on Lake Como (Italy).

To place a bid, comment my letest posts with your bid, which must exceed the previous bid.

The auction ends on Sunday 6 June at 11pm (European Time).
I will contact the winners of my works the following week to arrange the payment and submission details.

You can see other works at auction by following the tag #subastasolidariaxcolombia on IG - for details on how the auction proceeds will be used follow @subastasolidariaxcolombia (yes, again on IG).

Thank you!

I just finished to develop my new web site

  • 20/05/2021
Here above the last image of my old home page.

I was using Format but there were too many limitations and things that now properly work, not to mention a ridiculous optimization for the search engines... Tried many times to let them know but their development team has no interest in improving their framework taking care of suggestions from their users/customers.

My first project in 2021 is a magazine where I present images of other photographers.

  • 20/02/2021
Created to inspire, nudeartzine is a self-published print on-demand magazine where the space is dedicated to images rather than text.

I am not doing this project for money but to promote photography in its noblest form: printed.
I’m convinced that this is how photography should be enjoyed.

Started as a zine, the more issue we release the more it looks to me I am becoming a kind of gallery owner and each issue is a virtual tour in a gallery dedicated to one artist.

Check the web site for further info about nudeartzine

One year of publications on magazines 2020

  • 21/01/2021
A couple of days ago I finally received a print sample of a magazine including all my images that were published on magazines during the 2020. Most of the images were created in 2020 between the two lockdowns.

I produced this book to check a print-on-demand service and to start the learning process of creating a book using a publisher software. It took almost all January to learn how to use the software and to prepare the final layout.

The result is a massive 1.3 Kg book, US Letter size, 254 pages including 20 models and more than 200 images in black and white.

The book is available now for 24 Euro plus a really reasonable shipping cost.

Click here to order

Why I moved to Telegram

  • 14/01/2021
When Facebook announced on December 2020 that they were going to introduce new privacy rules and that, since February 2021, it become mandatory to accept these rules to be able to keep using Whatsapp a bell started ringing in my brain - or whatever is left after almost 60 years on this Planet.

Why they want to be able to share my contacts and the content of my Whatsapp chat with Facebook? Oh yes, they say that they want to make our lives better, to offer us products we need, bla bla bla...

Support my work on Patreon

  • 05/12/2020
After a long planning and preparation I finally started my Patreon page.

Please help me to keep producing my images, subscribe now a tier
You can make a difference with just 1$/month!
Check my Patreon page with all the details about tiers.

Sign up before January 31st, 2021 and you will enter the draw to win:
a 2021 calendar at your choice from my Calendars 2021 mini site - the site is in Italian but the images speaks any language
a fine art print of the image at your choice from the ones you will find in my Patreon feed or on this web site

And, of course, prizes will be shipped free of charge anywhere in the world!

My third cover in 2020 on an international magazine!

  • 01/12/2020
Art Of Nude presented some of the images I took during summer 2020 for my Freedom project with Margot and Melissa.
Thank you!