Inspired by the book Histoire d’O


In my brief career as a photographer, I met several women dedicating their life in trying to please men that, most of the time, do not care about them at all. Selfish “significant others” that have a conception of a relation closer to slavery than Love.

These kinds of situations always touch me in the deep. When I get back home from these sessions I am sad and touched in the bottom of my heart as I simply cannot conceive a one-way relationship between two human beings like these.

When I accidentally discovered “Histoire d’O” it was thanks to the comic book created by Guido Crepax, an Italian artist I have liked since I was a young man.

I then read the original book, written by Pauline Réage, and I discovered that O (the main character of the story) is so in love with her man that she is willing to do anything he asks – and I stress anything! – just to please him; at the end she is even being “branded” with a hot iron, just like a cow on a farm.

She lives in a kind of seesaw between humiliation and – I think – pleasure. Mental pleasure in pleasing her beloved but, perhaps, carnal pleasure as well.

At the end of this story, O falls in love with one of the men she was entrusted to by her initial love.

Contrarily to the women I was talking about, from a certain point of view O is a winner: Love places her in the most weird situations but, thanks to her Love, she finally discovers true love for another person.

Some questions

Is love selfish or unselfish?

Even though we do not put ourselves in the same kind of experience of O, do we all become somehow like her when we decide to dedicate our lives to one single significant other?

Is Love an infinite energy that persists even after our death and keeps burning for the same significant other eternally?

Project goal

The volumes of the series – each dedicated to each muse – will include exclusive images not available anywhere else, and will be sold on Amazon.

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