Inferno, for many of us, is already here in the present – there is no need to die to experience it…

A different kind of nipples

Last year I worked with a lady that used to hate her nipples as they a different from what we are used to see on system propaganda.

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Switching the blog language

I started this blog about one and an half year ago. At that time I was working most of my time on the Appunti di Viaggio (Travelling notes) project. The project was meant to tell about stories of people in a series of books where we present my images alternated to text written by the… Continue reading Switching the blog language

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il mio nudo

Con Ginevra Ratazzi Sono sempre alla ricerca di muse con le quali creare immagini: più produco, più imparo e più cresco.  Mi piace crescere, mi piace un sacco. A volte quando propongo una sessione ad una musa che non mi conosce mi sento dire che lei: “non è una modella”. E per me va benissimo,… Continue reading il mio nudo