During my short career my accounts on social platforms were blocked and/or closed several times.

It looks like we can see nude art in museums and churches but, when it is time to share nude art on social platforms, there are a bunch of rules that only end up in limiting our freedom...

The origin of the World – Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

I made some research looking for an answer to the question: “What is the difference between art and pornography?”

And found the answer in a post on the Famiglia Cristiana web site –�Famiglia Cristiana is a magazine published by Periodici San Paolo that you can buy in all Italian churches.

Here is the answer given by Luigi Lorenzetti, a moralist theologian:

The criterion that differentiates the nude as art or, on the contrary, as pornography (from the Greek, “writing or treatise of prostitute”) is the human: the nude is art if and when it manifests the human (feeling, fortitude, joy, pain). In other words, it is about the soul that expresses itself with and in the naked body.
On the contrary, nudity is pornography when it is in its own right, separate from the human, indeed the human is reduced to an object. Pornography conveyed by magazines, advertisements, shows, is an economically viable route; it has a strong ally in the exaltation of the culture of the body that characterizes Western societies.
Society, civil and religious, is called to defend the dignity of the person, family and social relations. Legal and criminal controls are diluted by the so-called freedom of expression and, thus, the phenomenon of pornography finds widely disseminated routes and channels.

So, I guess I’m safe – my images always represent the human: feelings and pain are at the base of my work.

The Temptation of Adam and Eve – Cappella dei Brancacci, Firenze, Italy

Nevertheless I keep having my posts removed – or I’m kindly asked to remove them –�from all the social platforms I dare to publish my work, including: Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, 500px, EyeEm, Amazon and, lately, even on VERO.

To be able to post there I need to censorship my work or pay a subscription. My images are the result of years of studies, efforts of all kind including economical – I create trying to tell stories about the people I portrait and, sometimes, also about myself trough their bodies and emotions.

In a world where everything is getting liberalized, to a point that sometimes I feel “different” just because I am not part of a group even though I respect anyone choice, should I censor myself?

No, I think I don’t.

So, in the past few years I closed my Facebook page and publishing less and less on the “less liberal” platforms.

Still, every now and then, my profile is being blocked, closed, shadow banned –�not that I care too much, if not for the reason that each time I need to spend time in amending all the places where there is a link to my social profiles, and this takes unpaid time, again.

Time that it makes more sense in creating rather than working for free for this or that platform.

To better organize my time, links to my social presence are now available here below. If you are interested in creating a connection – a true one, not just follow and likes – you can get in touch trough one of these platforms:

Also, I keep a couple of backup accounts on Instagram just to be able to video call with candidate muses that only have a profile there – Instagram 1st backup & Instagram 2nd backup

At the bottom of this page there are also some links to other platforms where I share some of my work and look for inspiration and muses –�I suggest to have a look at 1x.com as there is a lot of inspiration and great photography there: also, to be published there, you need to follow a curation process that lasts few days.

We think we live in a free world but this is only an illusion, in reality we are all prisoners...
Is freedom an option?