About me

“My soul gets lost between white and black”

In a world where women alter their bodies trying to become perfect like dolls, I started my journey in photography by shooting with “real” dolls trying to represent them as women.

Later, I began shooting portraits with real women just to realise that they can have an “unexpressed” beauty that is not what fashion magazines propose.

My interest is not limited to a purely aesthetic, objective beauty, I always wonder about what the model is able to communicate through the lens.

The models no longer perform the role of a mere mannequin, they are no longer the soulless bodies portrayed in fashion, instead, they become characters, each interpreting their own story that they let emerge with each shot.

The “fil rouge” of my images is undoubtedly eroticism and I like to make it clear by taking specific areas of the female body, sometimes accentuating imperfections.

Each asymmetry, mole or flaw becomes the detail that gives character to the subject and, instead of diverting the attention away, I rather place it at the center of the observer’s gaze to be contemplated, admired even.

I try to tell a unique story with each image – being that a fragment of an arm, a breast or a look – to conveys the charge and strength that the woman possesses and that I try to make it eternal.