6 Years Experience

In my career I worked with 151 muses coming from the following countries: Albania, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Laos, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

Thank you!

First of all, thank you for your willingness to collaborate with me!

Although it may seem too much to read, all the info you will find here is intended to avoid any kind of misunderstandings and ensure a professional and fun experience.

On this page I have put together all the details you may need for our upcoming session. The information you will find is based the experience I gathered working with more than 151 women since 2017 to this date, mostly non-professional models.

Because of some negative experiences in the past regarding communication, I rather state what for you may seem too obvious and for that, I apologise. If I sent you the link to this page, it is because we do not know each other, so please, be patient.

If you have any doubts or clarifications, do not hesitate to ask: you can find all my references on the contact page.

Information for my collaboration sessions

I can’t stress enough how much I dislike vulgarity, and in general, I better like to create images that leave room to the observer’s imagination.

Be certain that my intention is not to see you naked or to shoot the naked for the nude itself: everything must have a sense to it, also because if we can create a good final product, it can be offered on sale as a fine art print.

I want you to always feel comfortable, mainly because I respect everyone – and especially the people I work with. Also, if you are not comfortable, we won’t be able to produce good images, which is the purpose of the session, right?

I am a sincere person and happily married. All I’m trying to do is to make people dreaming and stimulating their imagination when they look at the images we create.

To eliminate any doubts, I invite you to ask for references from some other women that worked with me: you will find a list of references in the testimonials page. I’ve heard it all, and I suggest you always ask for references before going to work with a photographer you don’t know: even if he’s famous, even if it’s me – personally I have nothing to hide.

My vision is that of creating and selling prints with my images so one day with the sale profits, being able to build a school in one of the defined countries of the “third world”. And I want a special school where kids can learn how to relate with Nature, Animals and other humans in a true respectfully form.

I started my journey in 2017 and although the road to success is long, insidious and not easy, I love this job and I like challenges.

Exterior beauty, inner beauty

I firmly believe that we are all born beautiful inside but, life can change us making us lose sight of what we really are... On the other side I also believe that deep down we still remain what we are and yet, keep forgetting it.

When looking for a muse the external aspect is relatively important to me. If I approached you it means I found some interesting images in your portfolio showing me something that makes me believing we can create some good ones together.

Also there is surely something in your look that got my attention like, for example, a special light in your eyes or what is considered a “defect” by the majority of people. I think that true perfection is found in imperfections. Sometimes your look is totally non imprtant and I liked what I read in your bio, how your present and speak about yourselve.

Showing your inner light

In my opinion, the body is a “ship” that takes our soul for about 80~100 years on this planet. At a certain point the body is called back by Mother Earth and all remains is the soul.

Being the soul pure energy, it cannot be destroyed, it will not disappear... it can only transformed, find another body maybe in a different timeline or another planet where it will be able to keep expessing itself and interacting with other forms of life.

After looking for some years to find a way to express who I am, my feelings and what moves my soul, in 2022 I realised that by working with non-professional models I am able to better create my images. This does not mean that, eveynow and then, I also work with professionals models. In such case I ask them to be themselves, not mere “nice statues” posing for the joy of some men eyes...

While our body deteriorates with time, our inner light becomes better and better – at least if we try to keep thinking by ourselves, avoiding external manipulations, living respectful for other beings and try to be connected with Mother Nature as much as possible.

And is precisely my muses’ inner light than I’m trying to show: not just bodies and nice locations.

Pre-session activities

Since 2022 I require a videocall before we decide to organize the session: it usually takes about 60 minutes and it is a good way to start get to know each other, connect and clarifying any doubts – like an ice breaker if you may.

In general I do not instruct you on how to pose in front of the camera, especially at the beginning of the session; there are no poses, of course we will get some inspiration to have a starting point but, for my kind of photography, it is essential that you live real emotions as I found out this is the only way to show your inner light.

During the session I will have you talk about your life, the good, the bad, your secrets and I will do the same opening myself as we are two good old friends. And you can rest assured that everything you tell me will remain between us.

More often than not, people tell me “they see themselves as they really are” in the pictures we have created together, that “they even see something they haven’t seen before”! That to me, it means that I was able to get your inner light and is one of the greatest achievements I can reach.

I sincerely hope to do the same with you!

The Agreement

The day of the session we will sign a model release agreement, click here to request a copy.

This agreement is a fundamental part of the session: without it I will not use and not send the images to anyone, not even to you.

As everything in life even the agreement can be lightly amended for some specific needs you may have – for example if you do not want to be recognizable in the images. So feel free to ask.

What you will receive

First of all a selection of prints, usually four to eight.
I believe that photography must be seen on paper, digital is good just to get an idea but – as it was in the pre-digital era – to be able to call an image a photo you have to hold it in your hands and move it under different lights, feel it, create you own vision of it, a unique piece of art.

After you receive the prints I will also send you a selection of the best digital images, in high resolution and post-produced. You can already share the majority of these images on your socials/portfolio – there might be some I ask to keep to yourselves, usually in a different folder: DO NOT use these until I confirm you in writing that you can.

Wherever you post my images, you must never crop them and you must never remove my signature.
Upload them exactly as I sent them to you and you cannot be wrong.

I will share all the images trough mega.com


We will collaborate as a TFP ( what is a TFP? ): in brief you provide your time, your wardrobe, make-up etc., and pay the cost of getting to and from the session location.

Yes, you have to pay to get to the session location. To “balance” your economic effort I will provide an apartment where you will have your total privacy and that we might eventually use also as studio.

By paying your travel costs you make it clear that you really like my work. I better like to create with less – but really motivated muses – than create a collection of senseless images.

I make my time available including preparation, the session day(s), selection, post-production, print and digital delivery, all the equipment needed to produce the image like camera, computer, printer, etc. as well as the rental of the studio where the session will take place and, if you travel from abroad, an apartment/hotel where you can get your privacy.

There will be water, tea, coffee, some snacks and, if we have time at the end of the session, we go grab something to eat together.

If we agree on using “props” for the shooting – that is the use of objects to create a certain scenario or atmosphere such as wigs, funky eye glasses, jewerly, etc. – we will decide in advance what to buy and how to split the costs.
What kind of imagery will we create?

The moodboard

For sure we will create images useful to both of us. I work on several projects and also prepared some moodboards we can use as inspiration.

Some examples

To see the projects I’m working at the moment please visit the projects page on my main web site.

We will create the images getting inspiration from my projects and/or the moodboards – a moodboard is a collection of images created just to get some inspiration.

Please keep in mind that we will not reproduce the images you see exactly as in the moodboard: rather we will use them as a source of inspiration to start creating something of our own – then we will freewheel and follow the energies of the moment.

I prepared and continue to work on different moodboards with images that I have found on the web. Here you will find the moodboards I’m interested on working by the time being:

If you have doubts about the images you find on the moodboards, ask me right away. My ideas on nude could be different from yours and I need to know beforehand about your limits. In addition, the session will be more relaxing for everyone if we both know in advance what makes you feel comfortable and what your limits are: YOU are the subject of the image so it is YOU who must define the limits – if you have any request on this matter please let me know during the video call.

If you do not find ideas in my projects and the moodboards you can try to send some reference images and I will be happy to let you know whether they inspire me.

Unless explicitly stated, I am not the author of the images you see in the moodboard – I find those on the web, liked them and added in the moodbard.

Makeup & Hairs

I usually do not require any makeup, anyways if we decide for some special set or if you better like yourselve with some makeup or with a certain hairstyle it would be better if you can take care yourselve.

If we really need and are lucky enough to get a MUA (Make Up Artist) on a collaboration basis fine, but if none is available we will share its cost.

A typical agenda for the session

This is an idea, of course things can change according to the type of session and the location.

To shoot with me you need to allocate at least one full day – so, if you visit from abroad, you need to spend at least two nights in Como.

Sometimes before the session I like to take some shots in the street (obviously dressed!) just to see how you move in front of the camera and how good we connect.
  • You arrive in Como around 8:30~9:30 and I will pick you up at the station – or wait for you at a predefined point if you arrive by car;
  • We go grab a coffee and have a chat: so we can start connecting and talking about the session;
  • Go the place set for the session and start shooting: usually you will be free after 16:30~17:00;
  • If we have time we’ll eat something together and then I’ll take you back to the station – or to your car.

Rules for the session

There are three rules you need to obey to work with me:
  1. The evening before the session go to bed early: an hangover will definitely show – headache, tiredness, bloodshot eyes and so on – and it is needles to say that creating beautiful pictures out of it, will be very unlikely. It would be a waste of time: the goal of the session is to create the best possible images based on everyone’s talents and abilities;
  2. No smoking during the session: I simply hate the smell of tobacco;
  3. We will keep our phones in silenced mode to avoid any kind of distraction.
I couldn’t live without music so, if possible, we will work work with a background music.


I know there are many “Guys With a Camera” around looking for something different than creating art and I totally understand the fear to find yourself in front of one of them.

However, beside that by looking at my work should already give you a good clue about me, there are a number of testimonials you can contact to ask their experience with me and – last but not least – the video call is also a good way to get an even better idea about what I’m trying to do with photogreaphy.

If you still need a chaperone then I’m not the right photographer for you.

How long does it last?

It is not in my book to work by the clock. In general, the session ends when we have enough good images or when we are too tired.

To give you an idea, on average, we will shoot for not less than 4 hours but in some rare cases we have even reached 7 hours of almost uninterrupted work.

Delays, changed idea or cannot come?

Arrive at the time we’ve set: you will have time to prepare and make up on the spot.

If you are running late for any reason, communicate it promptly via Telegram and keep me updated on any developments: it is disappointing not knowing what is happening to you while I’m ready – moreover it as a lack of respect.

If for some reason you changed your mind or you cannot get to the session, please notify me as soon as possible to minimise the problem.

I plan the sessions in advance, book the location, manage the MUA and if I have to cancel it is only fair that I know it at least 10 days before the session.

If I booked a location (BNB, studio, etc.) and you renounce I’m sorry but you will have to pay the full price of the location.

When we set the date of the session I reserve the right to ask you a deposit that you will get back the day of the session.

It is always sad to cancel a session, especially at the last minute and above all if there are other people at stake.

Clothing and other things to bring

Well, for a nude session there is not much you need to bring! Anyways we will start with some portraiture and glamour, especially if you have no previous experience with nude art.

So, these are a must for any shooting:
  • A pair of black high heels: even if they are not seen in the images they help to slim your body;
  • A buttoned shirt or shirt of light material, like a see through type of fabric, open front;
  • A kimono or nightie to cover yourselve between a set and the next;
  • Slippers.
At the end of this page you will find a complete list of things you may need.

In general, for the clothing you bring choose a color in contrast with the color of your hair – if you are blonde wear these garments in black (which I love!) or a dark color; if you have dark hair bring them in a light color, when in doubt, ask me!

As for the shoes, I always prefer black, simple, elegant. If you have a pair that you love or only have shoes in a different color, send a photo on my Telegram.

You will find a full list of things to bring as well as some examples of clothing at the bottom of this page: you might like to bookmark this page so you can find it quickly when it is time to prepare the luggage.

At your own

Each of us has one or two pieces of clothing in which we feel “at home”, I mean totally at ease.

I’ll ask you to bring them along even if they have nothing to do with the moodboard or the projects – especially if you don’t have much experience in front of the camera: we can use them to get started.

Personal care

It is important to pay attention to the nails on both, hands and feet. A mono colour nail polish is the choice and those of the hand should be of a length beyond the finger tips.

If you need to shave/wax, do it as close as possible to the session date, but a few days in advance so that your skin is no longer irritated.

Remember that it is not mandatory for me that you have shaved in the private parts.

Also, be aware of the appearance of your eyebrows the day before.

Don’t forget to apply a lotion and keep the skin clean.

Do not use a tanning bed for at least two days before the shooting – the skin color can change drastically in 48 hours.

Do not use tanning products during the week before the session.

Don’t starve the day before the shooting to look slimmer: you’ll need energy! Plus good lighting can help make you look leaner.

If you are worried about bloating, look for foods that will help relieve it, but also make you feel full and have energy.

Finally and really important:
  • Make sure to wear loose clothing at least a few hours before shooting;
  • Avoid tight clothing, jeans and underwear and tight jewels: these things will leave marks on the skin that take a long time to disappear;
  • The best outfit to wear before the session is non-fitting clothing, for example a gym suit.
A useful checklist when preparing to leave for the session


Things to bring:

  • A pair of black high heels: even if they are not seen in the images they help to slim your body
  • A buttoned shirt or shirt of light material, like a see through type of fabric, open front
  • A shirt with a wide neck off the shoulders
  • A kimono, nightie or bathrobe to cover yourself between sets and warm during breaks
  • Slippers
  • Lotion or coconut oil or, alternatively, massage oil or baby oil – in doubt, Johnsons Baby Oil is perfect
  • Lip gloss
  • Hair styling accessories, such as elastics, bobby pins, hairspray, etc.

If this is your first nude session, I suggest to bring also these items:

  • A short black dress
  • A dress or cardigan open front

If you like we create some images using makeup:

  • Makeup
  • Make up remover
  • Curlers / hair irons

If we planned to create also some glamor and/or boudoir images:

  • Lingerie (whatever you have that looks nice)
  • Nylon stockings, fishnet stockings, suspenders
  • Various clothes, usually any elegant garments will do. But also think unconventionally: a short jacket and a thong could be perfect

At your discretion:

  • If you have a preferred music, bring an MP3 player or bluetooth phone – I always have bluetooth speakers with me
  • Accessories such as jewellery, scarves, bracelets – large jewellery generally works well in pictures

Examples of clothing

Here some examples of clothing to bring for the session.

Some examples

The video call

If you like to proceed the next step is to organize the video call so we can better introduce ourselves and talk about photography and its meaning to us.

I usually better like mornings 9:00~9:30 in the morning (your time) and I’m usually available for video calls also in the weekends.

The video call usually takes about one hour.

Just let me know which date(s) suits better for you and I will confirm the availability.
On the agreed day I will send you a message 10/15 minutes before calling so we can fine tune the time of the call.

We will video call using Skype; if you do not use the Skype app, I will send you a link you can use with any browser. This is proven to be the best tool as we have no time limitations and I can share you my screen to show whatever is needed.

After the video call, if we both agree to work together, we will set a date for the session so that you can proceed with buying the flight and me to book the apartment.

To set the date for the video call the best way is to chat, just let me know your handle on any social and I will get in touch – Please note that I don’t have a profile on the Meta platforms (Facebook and WhatsApp) because a few years ago I decided not to use them anymore and I never regretted it.


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