We are all Brothers & Sisters.


Using the same wig with different people I want to underline that – even if we have different point of view due to an enormous amount of factors – we are all the same, we are all brothers and sisters.

The society rules tend to make us think we are different, but we all get a life the same way, when we born we are all happy and – in the first few days – we are all free from conditioning. Then the society start modeling us and, at the end, we can get so totally lost that we do not even know what we really want.

From what I understood 120 thousand years ago small groups of pioneers began the first forays out of Africa, which would have left genetic traces in all modern populations.

Thus, somehow, we are all children of Mother Africa and I decided to use an African wig as the common denominator for one simple reason.

When I was a kid Martin Luther King was one of my superheroes, this is a tribute to him.

equality, differences, brotherhood, humanity