I’ve always been a rebel and I will always “swim against the flow”.

I don’t understand why I can show a man nipple but I’m forbidden to show a woman one. Especially considering that the female nipple has the very important task of feeding us the first months of our life while a man’s nipple can be useful only for sexual activities...

About censorship

Instagram simply does not work for me as it does not allow every contributor to post the same kind of contents.

More and more content creators profiles are being blocked or closed down just because they publish something considered by a robot “too strong” while on the same platform other profiles are able to upload any kind of contents.

I think that we must all be free to express ourselves as we like and people must be free to decide who to follow or not: at the end of the day when you open an account you are asked your birthday, so the platform should know what to show you or not.

After having a couple of my accounts deleted by Instagram and all of them shadow banned, I decided to move to a platform where I’m free to publish my images without censorship and without the stress to get banned — sometimes even months after I published an image.

You can now find me active on Vero where I post the most — as a matter of facts Vero has no problems with nipples.

Also, if you ask to connect with other users (similar procedure as when you ask an Instagram user to enter their private profile) you can share whatever you like!

I still keep a private Instagram account just to be able to video call candidate muses that are not yet on Vero and do no use other apps allowing video calls.

You can find a list of social platforms where you can find me on this page.

[August 13, 2023 update]
Yesterday I received an email from VERO asking me to remove 5 images I posted months ago.

So it looks like that also on VERO there are people jealous of my work and that have no better things to do rather than reporting my posts. VERO support kindly asked me to remove these contents if I do not want to risk my account being blocked or closed and I had to obey their request as, at the moment, this is the only platform where I dare to post some of my work –�and believe me I always try to stay within the rules...

After having posted about this situation I started to get feedback from users that follow me there. This makes me feel understood and loved and I thank all of them taking the time to write their nice comments.

But it is clear I need to change my publishing strategy on VERO, how? I will think about it but it is sad to see that even VERO is not really a place of freedom.

These are the images I had to remove yesterday

The first three may be blocked due to genitals in view – forbidden by CG – but, come on, are these images about genitals?

I included the captions so you can get an idea about how I see each of them.

I will be happy only when everyone on the face of this planet will have something to eat everyday, a roof to repair for the night and wars will become something "they use to do when there were no consciousness"... Since then how can I be happy?
Muse: Jin Kim

Leave me alone
Muse: Jin Kim

Contemplating my body
Our body is a ship taking our soul in a trip on this planet. This is the third and last #self #nude art for the moment. It was fun to work with myself as a #model, I started to learn how to use my camera in a different way. #bw to me mean duality and being in front and back the camera at the same time was a new kind of duality I only experimented at school times.
I encourage all of you photographers to try it at least once, especially if you create nude art – do it for yourselves, no need to publish.

Each of us carries a cross
Someone is luckier and carries a light one, someone has an heavy burden. Taken a couple of years ago in a very interesting #Outdoors location in northern #Italy where you can find #natural #light coming from the #top which is, at the moment, my favourite one.
Which light settings do you like most? Please let me know in the comments.

Before taking an important decision it is a good idea to meditate about it for some time. In Italy we say: "to stay at the window" (stare alla finestra).
Muse: Jin Kim

I will remove more in the coming days, you know, just to avoid these annoying emails...

But yesterday was a “special” day!
It started with an email from Amazon letting me know they closed my publisher account as most of my books apparently contain “pornograhpy” and/or “or material we {Amazon} deem inappropriate or offensive”. As I also have a couple of catalogs for shows that I like to be available, I removed 45 books, leaving the 5 I hope will not be considered inappropriate.

It was a pain to remove some of the books –�mainly from the nudeartzine project –�I have already found a new way to keep publishing new material in the future, still working on this, it will see the light hopefully by the end of 2023.

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But, hey, I have have to let you know what’s going on everyone and then, right?