7 Years Experience

So far I’ve worked with 158 muses coming from the following countries: Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Laos, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

One of the images we created with Jin at the mineral cave
One of the images we created with Jin at the mineral cave

If you are trying to create nude art which is beyond some nice curves, avoiding to objectify women, telling something about you or who you are simply looking to improve your work you are in the right place!

I’m a perfectionist, I always been, always looking for my defects, what I’m missing in my work, always trying to improve: we can always – and we have to – improve in our life. Nobody is perfect and nobody will ever be...

Recently I received a request from a photographer that is willing to start his path in the world of nude art and, as he loves my work, he wanted to check if I was available to offer him some tips about my work.

Some months ago I was thinking to organise workshops thus, after having a look at his work (that I liked), I decided to accept his request and made him an honest price – even considering I had no idea about how the video call could go and if I was somehow able to help him.

We had a quite long video call, almost three hours, and there was still a lot to say. He enjoyed so much that he even left me a review on my PurplePort page: “I enjoyed every second of it, learned a lot about photography and myself, experienced his own workflow. I can only recommend him to anyone who is interested in nude art, or any type of photography especially mono.

A moment of my video call workshop with Tim
A moment of my video call workshop with Tim: he is interested in buying a Fujifilm medium format camera and I was telling him about my experience with my brand new, second hand, GFX50S

With my video call workshops, now you can also learn and improving creating artistic nude: book me for a video call to talk about photography and get some inspiration to help you create your own nude art. No need to travel: you can learn while comfortably sitting on your sofa!

I charge 50 Euro (~55 US Dollars) per hour, I think this is an honest price for sharing my experience and feelings and I’m sure you will get some benefits.

Each of us is in a different place in his life, his path in the world of photography not to mention geographical barriers – that is why I’m offering video calls workshops. Here below you will find some ideas about topics we can discuss, or we can also simply “go wild” and talk about any topic you like.

A different and innovative way to offer workshops: thanks to my experience with muses I know that a one-to-one conversation is the easier way for everyone to create the connection we need for truly share knowledge.

We will use Skype for the video call – no need to install apps if you don’t like. To let you go trough what we talked about anytime you like, I will send you the recording: but please keep it for yourself!

I speak English, Italian and Spanish.

Here below you will find a list of online workshops you can book anytime and, every now and then, some workshop on location as well.

When ready to book buy the number of hours you like and I will get in touch in few hours to set the date: I can also work on Saturdays and Sundays so, if this is an hobby for you, there is no problem!

Thank you for your interest,

Good to know:
1. Payment is secure, we welcome Bitcoins, Bank Transfers and all the major credit cards.
2. If you like –�but it is not needed – you can get Skype for free for your computer or mobile device.

   On location   
My second workshop in the woods

Artistic Nude In The Woods (July 2024)

This workshop is the second one I organise in location. After the previous experience I understood I can offer ideas and inspiration to other people, regardless they just started to produce nude art or not.

Jin is a Korean professional model with more than 25 years experience! I have already worked with her a couple of times, she is an extraordinary wonderful person, a really inspiring muse, working with her is a breeze.

On of the images we created with Jin during our first session in 2022
On of the images we created with Jin during our first session in 2022

A great professional, she has no problems in getting dirt – actually Jin astonished me by laying down on a floor full of dust and broken glass! Jin likes to contribute with great ideas to the session so you a basically concentrate in finding the light and framing.

Further information
Left side vs. Right side

How to create “emotional” images

I was told more than once that my images are able to create emotions in the observer and asked how do I create these images.

Well I think that everyone can create emotional nude art: it is all about the creative process and what you want to share about you.

Example of an emotional image

Some topics we can talk about in this workshop:

  • Why are we willing to create nude art?
  • Are we “shooting” or creating images?
  • Models or Muses?
  • Body or soul: “objects” or human beings?
  • Creating the connection
  • Lingerie: do we really need it?
  • What is boudoir?
  • Any topic you want to talk about!
It’s not enough to own a camera and book a model!

How to start creating nude art

Example of a classic nude art image

You want to start creating nude art – this workshop aim to give you a better idea about what you need and the traps you want yo avoid.

  • Why do you want to create nude art?
  • Model or Muse?
  • The Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)
  • Will you become a GWC? –�Guy With a Camera
  • Social and sharing sites: my point of view
  • Platforms to find models: which ones work and which ones don’t
  • How to find new models
  • The Model Release: you must have one!
  • Professional ethics before, during and after the session
  • Be professional even if this is not your job
  • Finding inspiration
  • The minimum gear your need to produce great images
  • Why you really need to consider investing some money to buy a printer since the beginning
  • Any topic you want to talk about!
You spent full day with your model and created 2.543 great digital files!

After the session

Selecting the best images

Now these files are sitting in your hard disk waiting for you to complete the job: transform them in beautiful images.

  • Color or Black & White?
  • Why saving your files as RAW is vital
  • How to choose the best images: perhaps the hardest part
  • Visualising a series of images rather than a single one
  • Why you don’t like most of your images?
  • Destination of your images: web or paper?
  • Post-production: software and hardware you might use and how to train yourself
  • The importance of printing
  • Socials and photo sharing websites: where you loose time and where your path can improve
  • How many images you need to share on the web?
  • Don’t be fooled by likes, followers and – sometimes –�even by people that tells you your images are great
  • We all have different points of view: and we are all right about them!
  • Any topic you want to talk about!
   On location   
A new experiment in my journey into the world of photography

Artistic Nude In The Woods (November 2023)

After some experiments mostly in studio, in 2019 I started producing nude images in a forest. Since then I produce mainly nude art.

In 2020 I realized that in order to be called a “photograph”, an image must be printed. So I started working on a project, nudeartzine, and produced more than 30 publications, 30 small monographs, each dedicated to an artist.

Thanks to this project I was able to understand things that, alone, I would never have understood.

This workshop is a new experiment, I’d like to understand if I can offer ideas, inspiration to other people, regardless of whether they already produce nude art or not.

This is why I’m not asking anything for myself, the cost will cover what the muse requested: a special woman with whom we talked about photography for several hours and in the end we decided to try to work together in a different way, starting from this “workshop experiment”.

One of the images I created with Kim during the workshop
One of the images I created with Kim during the workshop

I’ve never worked with Kim before but from what we’ve told each other, she seems to be a real muse –�we are full of “models” who only sell themselves for money but who have absolutely no idea about what the art of photography is…

Further information

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