A day in a forest on Lake Como, we work with natural light together with Jin – an exceptional muse who comes from South Korea.

About Jin

Jin is modelling since 25 years, she is “son of art” as her mother always was and still being a full time model. Jin a creative true professional able to bend in ways you cannot even imagine – being a creative artist she brings her ideas to each session.

I’ve already worked twice Jin and it was a great experience each time so I feel confident that you will also be able to learn and create some fabulous images with her.

To see some uncensored images created by Jin with different photographers click this link.
You can also follow Jin on Instagram.

About me

I entered the world of photography in 2017, after seeing an exhibition by Francesca Salice. I am self taught. I started with the nude using silicone dolls as big as Barbie trying to reproduce them as if they were human beings – very often those who see the images believe they are real people.

After some experiments mostly in studio, in 2019 I started producing nude images in a forest. Since then I produce mainly nude art.

In 2020 I realized that in order to be called a “photograph”, an image must be printed. So I started working on a project, nudeartzine, and produced more than 30 publications – each of them is a small monograph, dedicated to a single artist. Thanks to this project I was able to understand things that, alone, I would never have understood.

After the positive comments I received from the first “in the woods” workshop with Kim, I understood that I can truly offer ideas and inspiration to other people, regardless of whether they already produce nude art or not.

About the workshop

Maximum: 6 participants – 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.
Available spots: 5 – 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
Location: Lake Como.
Dates: You can book one or both days – Saturday 6 and/or Sunday 7 July 2024.

I think it is more interesting for everyone to work in groups as small as possible, so each day there will be maximum three participants – this will allow you to work together with Jim in a more relaxed way than the usual workshops (at least the ones I attended) or a simple “model sharing” (which I hate).


The day will start at 8:45 in Como, we will get a coffee and then immediately leave for the mountains, the journey takes about 45 minutes.

We’ll spend the whole day together and return to Como not before than 5 pm.

We’ll do some theory first, maximum one hour, and then move on to practice in turns.
During the practical phase, while one of you works with Jin, the other(s) can delve into the topics they prefers with me asking whatever they want to know.

I have always worked for the quality and satisfaction of my clients (even when I was working in the software industry) and therefore I am convinced that the workshop will bring you many ideas and inspiration for your future work, as well as a beautiful series of images.

I’ll explain how I use the light in the woods, what gear I’ve used to date, and how to plan sessions in the woods. We can also talk about many topics always related to my approach to the world of photography, in this regard I would like to know if there is something in particular that you would like to talk more about.

Here are some topics:
  • My why: what prompted me to create artistic nude images and how it changed my life
  • Picture selection: perhaps the hardest part
  • Post–production: which tools to use and how to train
  • Print: a photo isn’t a photo until you print it
  • Social and sharing sites: my point of view
  • Platforms to find models: which ones work and which ones don’t
  • How to find new muses
  • Professional ethics before, during and after the session

Communication with Jin will be in English: I can act as a translator if you need but if you speak English it would be optimal.


The price of the workshop is 200 Euro per person for a one day or 325 Euro per person for the two days pass.
A 50% deposit is required to assure your participation, the balance must be paid not later than April 30th, 2024 by bank transfer – For any information please get in touch.

The price includes:
  • A day with Jin and myself in a wood on Lake Como
  • For first 2 participants that book the workshop, transport to and from the forest in my car – Citröen C3 Picasso, about 45 minutes of travel each way
  • A video call lasting up to 60 minutes some time after the workshop – in any case by the end of January 2024 – for any questions and/or clarifications

Should the weather be adverse, we’ll go to work in an abandoned asylum – about 35 minutes by car from Como – where the light conditions are often similar to the woods.

A full refund is foreseen only and exclusively in these cases:
  • Jin – for reasons beyond her control – is unable to travel
  • Me – for reasons beyond my control – am unable to give the workshop

We cannot refund in any other cases unless we have more than 3 participants (all in all for both days) – in such case it will be possible to withdraw with a 25% penalty.

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