Telling the story of my travel in the world of photography

Appunti di viaggio

Natural evolution of the “nudeartzine” project, with “appunti di viaggio” (literally: traveling notes) I collect images produced in one or more photographic sessions created always with the same woman: a muse for volume.

After selecting and post-producing them, I organise the images in sequence – trying to tell a story, to follow a logical thread while maintaining a certain harmony.

Unlike “nudeartzine”, where each volume is dedicated to a photographer, in “appunti di viaggio” I use only my own images and alternate them with texts, poems and whatever else the muse writes about herself, about life, emotions, struggles, joys and sorrows... I ask all of them to write freely, letting themselves be inspired by the images we have created together.

Each volume consists of a series of exclusive images not available anywhere else, about 40 pages, soft cover and is printed in square format (21×21 cm. about 8×8 in). If the space is not enough, the excess texts will find place in a dedicated area on my website.

The volumes of the series are available on Amazon at 8,50 Euro (9.99 US Dollars) and, for Prime customers, with free shipping: practically the price of a drink! 

Available volumes

(*) Text in Italian with translations on this web site

An unpretentious session with Giada d’Occidente (*) – The first issue was created almost as a joke after half an hour of shooting, in a completely random way after meeting for other reasons.

Cuts with Elettra Aurora Fucà  (*) – A path of inner suffering that leads Elettra to cut herself with razor blades and knives.

Rebirth with Christine Kershl – Reconnecting with myself.

My nude with Ginevra Ratazzi (*) – I rediscover my body, in front of a stranger, in a forest.

In preparation

Ghosts with Elettra Aurora Fucà  (again!) (*) – A mystical journey through the memories of a ghost.

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