Not just a chromatic choice.

Let me elaborate.

We all somehow live the duality in many aspects of our lives – Some experience it randomly others, like me, we live it constantly.

When I was a kid, I had many dreams (still do) and one of them was to become a missionary; but life took me in a totally different direction, that of the software industry for which I worked most of the time.

In recent years, I casually discovered photography. Using a camera the way I’ve been doing it has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and other human beings.

Eventually I realized that photography “made me” a missionary: my mission is now to awaken women consciousness of their inner true beauty.

Photography has helped me realizing one of my dreams!

This is my “White” side and I’m thankful to the Universe in every moment for this.

On the other side, I carry a consistent sadness.

Seeing how we have let the system rule our lives, limiting our freedom in order to keep us as much divided as possible so that they can control our lives. Watching how many of us fall into this trap is simply disorienting for me...

This, is my “Black” side. Nevertheless I’m still grateful to the Universe because living this Black & White way keeps me flowing and let me find inspiration to create the images that every day more and more people appreciate.

Do you also live a constant Black & White life?

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