Informations about booking a photographic session

7 Years Experience

In my career I’ve worked with 158 muses coming from the following countries: Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Laos, Latvia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

On this page you will find the information to book a photo session with me.

Your beauty deserves more than a selfie: book your photo session with a professional and you won’t regret it!

Since the beginning of my training I have favoured portraiture, female beauty, the challenge of being able to show an innate beauty that they have and do not yet know.

My interest is not limited to a purely aesthetic and objective beauty. For me, women do not play the role of a simple “mannequin”, they are not soulless bodies, instead, they become characters and each interpret their own life story.

Every asymmetry, mole or “defect” becomes the detail that gives character to the subject.

I try to tell a unique story with every image – whether it is a look, the fragment of an arm, a hand or a breast – to convey the charge and strength that the Woman possesses and that I try to make eternal.

I speak English, Spanish and I am an Italian native speaker.
I am a friendly person, I love listening to music while we work and joking about life.

My main reasons


Exterior beauty, inner beauty

I firmly believe that we are all born beautiful inside but, we let life changes us making us lose sight of what we really are...

I also believe that deep down, in the soul, we still remain what we are and yet, keep forgetting it.

Showing your Inner Light

In my opinion, the body is a “ship” that takes our soul for about 80~100 years on this planet. At a certain point the body is called back by Mother Earth and all remains is the soul.

Being the soul pure energy, it cannot be destroyed, it will not disappear... it can only transformed, find another body maybe in a different timeline or another planet where it will be able to keep expessing itself and interacting with other forms of life.

While our body deteriorates with time, our inner light becomes better and better – at least if we try to keep thinking by ourselves, avoiding external manipulations, living respectful for other beings and try to be connected with Mother Nature as much as possible.

And is precisely your Inner Light that I’m trying to capture!

But I’m not a model!

Of course you are not!

In my photo sessions there is no need to be a model: first of all you are a Woman, a human being – with all your strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to take images and be represented as a “arm candy”, I’m not the right photographer for you.
Instead, I am at your complete disposal if you want to discover your Inner Light and see a beauty you do not know.

My session plays out differently. We’ll have a nice chat to create that complicity that allows you to experience emotions: and it’s precisely those emotions that reflect your inner light, my favorite subject.

Image of Daniela
Example of an image created with a muse at her first experience.

How it works

When you decide to book a session, we start by a nice videocall. Also, if we don’t live too far away we can also see each other in person.

It is the best way to start getting to know each other, decide where we are going to shoot, the type of images (mood), the clothing to use and all the details you need for the day of the session.

The sessionThere are several possibilities, the simplest is a relaxing walk during which you tell me about your life, joys and sorrows. And rest assured that I will keep all your secrets as a priest in the confessional.

When I see the right light to produce a good image we stop and take some pictures.

Who is attending the session

If someone comes along with you, he or she cannot be present during the session. This is purely work ethics related to prevent any possible distraction, for you and me: we have to create a connection – photographer and model – and if there are other people in the set, it wouldn’t be possible.

If needed, there will be a hairdresser and/or MUA in session, but that shouldn’t cause any distraction because they know how to manage in a professional matter.

If I need an assistant I will let you know before the session.

What kind of images are we going to produce?

We will decide together during the video call what kind of images we will produce during the session.

Some examples

What do you get

As you may have noticed from the images on my site, I produce predominantly black and white images that, in the photographic language, emphasizes emotions.

Within a couple of weeks of the session I will send you my selection of the best images already post-produced for the light and with any basic skin tweaks: normally I only remove “temporary” problems such as pimples or scratches.

Excerpt from a selection
Excerpt from a selection.

The costs

Each of us is unique and has personal needs, plus there are too many variables to define the cost beforehand. My sessions are definitely not a “standard product”.

During the video call we decide together the variables – where we are going to shoot, what the mood of the session will be (for example: art, fashion, portrait, boudoir, etc.), if we need a particular make-up, etc. – and I will tell you the cost for a session tailored to you.

To get started, you only pay for the video call, which normally lasts 30 to 60 minutes and costs only 50 Euro which remains as an advance if you decide to organise the session.

For the video call we will use a tool of your choice including: Whatsapp, Telegram, Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype, Viber or any other app you want except Whatsapp.

Anyways, to give you an idea of the costs, a session that includes:
  • Video call;
  • 6-hour session – I never work with the stopwatch in my hand;
  • At least 30 images in black and white, digital in high resolution with light retouching, contrast and minimal skin imperfections (pimples);
  • Three A4 prints on Fine Art paper (Epson Archive).
Costs 350 Euro.

Additional and totally optional costs – you only pay if you decide to use these services:
  • If you want a “heavy” retouching for example to remove wrinkles, scars or whatever else I ask you for a surcharge, to be evaluated beforehand depending on the case;
  • Professional Makeup (MUA, Make Up Artist);
  • Rent of a location (studio, apartment, etc.);
  • Hairdresser.
Also, if we work outside Como, over 30 Km. I ask you for reimbursement of the transfer costs.

For a couple of years I have been working to promote paper photography, as was once done. I believe that the impact of a printed photograph is totally different and involves more senses than just sight.

If you wish, I can also take care of the production of a book and/or poster and deliver the finished products to you. On the day of the session I will show you some samples and give you some ideas about the costs.


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