“I capture the interior light of human beings”


Self-taught, Ugo approaches photography in 2017 after over a 30 years career in the software industry.

He begins his journey by photographing dolls that he represents as if they are real women. After some experimentation he decides it is time to work with real women, favoring non-professional models.

In 2020, he approaches nude art and organizes a series of sessions shooting in a forest and other outdoor locations. His images are published in 20 international magazines, some of them are sold on CataWiki.

He then realizes that, to be a real photographer, one needs to print their own images.

2021 marks the beginning to promote photography on paper. Ugo begins a new project: “nudeartzine” – a collectable series of books offered on Amazon. Each book is a monograph dedicated to a photographer: all in all he has published 31 issues, dedicating the first one #00, to his own work.

Later, he participates in a collective exhibition in Milan, where he showcases his first installation: (R). The main concept being that, photography cannot be reduced to only two dimensions, as there is too much energy in the creation process.

The new challenge is to find a way to represent this energy.


He started his formation in 2017, initially following a series of courses in Spain.
Since then he continues to deepen his education as a self-taught photographer on the web, reading books and attending workshops of internationally renowned photographers such as, Peter Coulson and Thomas Holm.

Some courses he attended

  • Boudoir on the Edge, web, Brianna & Ewan Phelan
  • Natural Light Portraits, web, Amanda Diaz
  • Studio Lightning 101 web, Lindsay Adler
  • Beauty and Portrait Retouching, web, Pratik Naik
  • 28 Days of Portrait Photography, web, Sue Bryce
  • The Complete Guide To Black and White Photography, web, Peter Coulson
  • Boudoir Photography Bootcamp, web, Jen Rozenbaum
  • Location Posing Execution, web, Roberto Valenzuela
  • Posing 101 Women, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Picture Perfect Lighting , web, Roberto Valenzuela
  • Posing for Curvy Women, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Posing 101 - Essentials, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Inside The Glamour Studio, web, Sue Bryce
  • High Impact, Low Fuss Lighting, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Fine Art Nude Photography, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Surreal Portrait Retouching, web, Kelly Robitaille
  • Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography, web
  • Composite Portraiture, web, Sandro Miller
  • Creative Photoshop Techniques, web, Renee Robyn
  • Creative Studio Lighting, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Conquering Crappy Light, web, Lindsay Adler
  • Masters of Photography, web, Albert Watson
  • Masters of Photography, web, Joel Meyerowitz
  • Composition Beyond the Rule of Thirds, web, Chris Knight
  • Fine Art Compositing, web,Brooke Shaden
  • Finding Rembrandt, web, Chris Knight
  • Dramatic Portraiture, web, Chris Knight
  • Fine Art Womens Portraits, web, Jennifer Thoreson



Women in studio
MAC Art, Milan, Italy
November 2020 ~ live

Como nel quadrato
Como, Italy
Permanent ~ Permanente
Visit the exhibition


Contatti Visivi
Milano, Italy
September, 12~18 2021

Symphonie de Couleurs
Venice, Italy
August ~ October 2019

Tribù Ca’Dura
Padova, Italy
October ~ November 2019

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