Want a free print?

VERO Free Print

I have been thinking these last couple of days if there is anything I can do to make this VERO experience even a more interesting than simply adding a like to other images.

As you know I think photography must be consumed on paper – and I discovered there are many artists here that share the same vision.

This year I was finally able to buy a professional printer and love learning how to improve my work by printing my images. This is a really important step in my opinion on the path to become a photographer.

Since I can print in my home/studio after every shooting session I like to send the muse we created with some prints even before sending her the digital images for her portfolio: and they love it!

So I decided to start the “VERO Free Prints” project: every day I will choose the nicest comment to one of my images and its author will receive an A4 fine art print completely free of charge.

How to participate?

Simply add a comment to any image of your choice in my feed

In your comment:
  1. Do tell what do you feel when looking at the pictures – look with the right side of your brain ;-)
  2. Add the #vero4freePrint tag
  3. Add max 3 user names of people you follow so that they will get a notice from the platform and, possibly, participate to this project
You can participate by commenting more than one image for more chances to receive a free print.

The same image can be won by different people by posting their comments in different days.

Every day I will reply to the nicest comment so that you know you won: if we are not connected yet, ask to connect with me then send me the address you want me to ship the print.

Only comments posted from November 18 to December 31, 2022 will participate to this project.
I will ship all prints January 2023 and will post a note on VERO once I’ve done so.

Good luck!