January 2020


Amazing Photagrapher. He makes sure you feel super comfortable and he’s is insterested in knowing the model he works with. He can be really funny and keeps the shooting proffesional. The mood is always happy and light in shootings with him. can 100/100 recommend working with him!!

Maria's on the web
November 2019


Ugo is a wonderful photographer. He is very talented and he knows how to observe the model before the shooting.
Thank you dear Ugo for this moment!
All the best!

Alexia's on the web
December 2019


It has been an absolute joy working with Ugo. From our first contact till our shoot and after, he has been ever so professional, warm and easy to talk to. An incredibly creative and talented photographer with a keen eye for beauty and details, Ugo should be your go-to person to get an amazing portfolio done. If you ever get the chance to collaborate with him, count your lucky stars!

Thank you, Ugo for an amazing shoot and hope to work with you again very soon!

Lin's on the web
November 2018


One of the best photo sessions I’ve had so far.

I felt very much at ease and the results were spectacular!

I would do it again without a doubt.

Ainhoa's on the web
April 2018


Ugo’s photo sessions can be defined in three words: professionalism, comfort and joy.

He is an educated and respectful person and very good at his job.

So, whether you have little or large experience as a model, I highly recommend Ugo to you!

Sara's on the web
March 2018


My working experience with Ugo was amazing, he is an excellent professional and a beautiful person.

I had so much fun and felt very comfortable during the whole session.

I highly recommend his service to anyone, and hope to work with him once again.

Mariana's on the web
March 2018


Marvelous, very professional, I enjoyed the session since minute zero.

The photo shoot itself was amazing and the shots were spectacular.

All in all a total pleasure to work with Ugo Grandolini.

Asya's on the web
February 2018


I met him in Valencia, Spain.

He is a sincere person, who I loved very much. And from the first conversation I understood that I want to have him as a friend. Despite the language barrier, we understood each other very well, and with more sessions he wanted to study Italian.

He is an open, sincere, friendly person who is easy to come to terms with, a creative and humorous person.

He has good photo selection criteria, a gift for seeing your good side.

I love working with him and I look forward to the next session.

Yulia's on the web
January 2018


I’ve felt very comfortable. Ugo made it so easy to pose in a natural and simple manner, and also to have fun in front of the camera at the same time!

Baiana's on the web
December 2017


A total professional who takes amazing pictures.

The photo sessions with Ugo are fun and dynamic, and he surely knows how to find the right angle.

He makes you feel comfortable, allowing you to pose in a very spontaneous way that shows on the final takes, although he would also lead you if it happens to be your first time in a photo shoot.

He is very patient and knows how to capture the essence of a person.
The pictures he took of me are beautiful!

Isabel's on the web
December 2017


Amazing, spontaneous and artistic photos, every single one full of inspiration and professionalism, a great experience with a great photographer.

We’ve only worked twice and have already acquired great confidence, like we’ve known each other for ever.

An experience to be repeated again and again, no doubt.

Maria's on the web
December 2017


A unique experience, I’m thrilled to have met such a professional and excellent person.

I would do it again, no hesitations.

Patri's on the web
November 2017


Very good session, I felt very comfortable and to be honest, it was really fun.

If you were to ask me whether I would do it again, I’d say of course.

He is a great photographer and person.

Bintu's on the web
October 2017


Once in a lifetime super fun experience with the craziest Italian I know!

Maria's on the web