May 2023


I had a lovely shoot in Como, Italy with Ugo. He is definitely very dedicated. He discussed and planned all factors ahead of time, such as trains from the airport to the city, location scouting, outfit preferences, a list of things I should bring in case weather is bad etc. He ensured Im comfortable during my stay. I was impressed by his effort. And thanks to him everything went so smoothly.

On the day of the shoot, Ugo is a creative power house. He keeps bouncing off ideas everywhere we go. Keeps me energised and stimulated to be honest. He creates a safe space for you to challenge your own limits. Thanks to Ugo, we ended up with a batch of amazing images with a great variety of poses and backgrounds.

Communications went smoothly. Ugo is always quick to respond and regularly gives me updates. I’m very happy with the final edits I received in printed form. (I’m super excited about this ?☺️) I’m definitely eager to do an another shoot with him very soon.

Highly recommend.

Thank you✨✨

Rebecca on the web
December 2022


I think that qualifying Ugo’s work is the task of others. I can only say that since the first second we met, he has made me feel very close and loved by him. He cares about the model, it makes her feel comfortable, beautiful, unique and this is what has made me spend a relaxed, full and calm day in all aspects. I think that at this point he stands out as a professional photographer and that is perceived in his work. For all that and more, thank you.

Myslím, že známkování Ugovy práce patri někomu jinému. Mohu jen říct, že od první vteřiny, co jsme se potkali, jsem se díky němu cítila velmi blízko a cítila jsem se jako část jeho rodiny. Na modelce mu záleží, cítí se díky němu pohodlně, krásně, jedinečně a to je to, co mě přimělo strávit pohodový, plný a po všech stránkách klidný den. Myslím, že v tomto bodě vyčnívá jako profesionální fotograf a to se na jeho práci projevuje. Za to všechno a ještě víc, mockrát děkuji.

July 2022


His way of work is easy yet delicate. I could say, move and express in my way because he treated me as a co-creator every moment. I really want to continue our shooting whenever I come to Europe.

그의 작업방식은 쉬우면서도 섬세하다. 그는 나를 매순간 공동착작자로 대해주었기 때문에 나는 내 방식대로 말하고 움직이고 표현할수 있었다. 나는 유럽에 갈때마다 우리의 작업을 계속 이어나가길 진심으로 원한다.

Jin on the web
June 2022


Used to live in a world where the expression of emotions is starting to be considered a sign of weakness, having the possibility to release emotions through movement and expressions was a revealing and transforming experience. This “opening of the heart" would not have been possible without a person of the quality of Ugo Grandolini. During the whole process, he was much more than a person who take some images, he was a perspective changer.
This photo session has left an indelible mark on my life’s journey: Thank you so much!

Acostumbrada a vivir en un mundo en donde la expresión de las emociones empieza a ser considerado un signo de debilidad, haber tenido la posibilidad de liberar emociones a traves del movimiento y las expresiones fue una experiencia reveladora y transformadora. Esta "apertura del corazón" no hubiera sido posible sin una persona de la calidad de Ugo Gandolini. Durante todo el proceso, él fue mucho más que una persona que dispara la cámara, fue un cambiador de la perspectiva.
Esta sesión fotográfica ha dejado una marca inborrable en mi camino de la vida. Gracias Infinitas.

Kamille on the web
April 2022


To work with Ugo was a meaningful experience for me.

Ugo has his unique way to make a person in front of his camera to feel comfortable and to loose the tension. The work we have done together is something I am proud of.

Beside being a great photographer Ugo is a person with a big heart!
Thank you and looking forward for meeting you again.

Anastassia on the web
September 2021


Clear communication, Ugo is precise and has a strong organisational ability. Surely a nice man with respectful attitude and high talented.

Luciana on the web
September 2021


The shooting with Ugo was my first real one, I felt very comfortable. Ugo is a sensitive person, ready to listen to me. For me photography is a way to discover little hidden pieces of myself and bring them out. It also serves to show the "worst", when I can convey it to the camera and photographer without shame. It helps me to accept myself for what I am: a human being. With my photos I hope to be able to say something that in words may be difficult to express, I want to tell my story and my vision of the world. So thank you Ugo for listening to me without prejudice as well as photographing me. A wonderful experience!

Luna on the web
July 2021


Collaborating with Ugo has been a pleasure, meeting him has been an honor. He is professional, sociable, helpful, empathetic but what struck me most is his genuine love for photography, for the substance beyond the form, his continuous research and questioning. Shooting with him not only allows you to create art but also to learn and grow, which is what makes him such a great photographer.

Margot on the web
July 2020


Ugo is a person who is wonderfully attentive to the personality of each model he works with, he contacted me for a session and we agreed together on locations, times and above all a poetic idea for the shooting, discussing the choice of colors and lights. We talked a lot and I can say with certainty that he has captured my interiority. I recommend it to everyone!

Silvia on the web
January 2020


Amazing Photographer. He makes sure you feel super comfortable and he’s is interested in knowing the model he works with. He can be really funny and keeps the shooting professional. The mood is always happy and light in shootings with him. can 100/100 recommend working with him!!

Maria on the web
November 2019


Ugo is a wonderful photographer. He is very talented and he knows how to observe the model before the shooting.
Thank you dear Ugo for this moment!
All the best!

Alexia on the web
November 2018


One of the best photo sessions I’ve had so far.

I felt very much at ease and the results were spectacular!

I would do it again without a doubt.

Ainhoa on the web