April 2022


To work with Ugo was a meaningful experience for me.

Ugo has his unique way to make a person in front of his camera to feel comfortable and to loose the tension. The work we have done together is something I am proud of.

Beside being a great photographer Ugo is a person with a big heart!
Thank you and looking forward for meeting you again.

Anastassia on the web
September 2021


Clear communication, Ugo is precise and has a strong organisational ability. Surely a nice man with respectful attitude and high talented.

Luciana on the web
September 2021


The shooting with Ugo was my first real one, I felt very comfortable. Ugo is a sensitive person, ready to listen to me. For me photography is a way to discover little hidden pieces of myself and bring them out. It also serves to show the “worst", when I can convey it to the camera and photographer without shame. It helps me to accept myself for what I am: a human being. With my photos I hope to be able to say something that in words may be difficult to express, I want to tell my story and my vision of the world. So thank you Ugo for listening to me without prejudice as well as photographing me. A wonderful experience!

Luna on the web
August 2021


As a beginner model, I can say that I was really lucky to take my first steps with Ugo: since the first contacts he showed himself to be professional and kind and it was really a pleasure to work with him.
Ugo’s shots are wonderful and I can’t wait to do more sessions together!

Fiore on the web
July 2021


Collaborating with Ugo has been a pleasure, meeting him has been an honor. He is professional, sociable, helpful, empathetic but what struck me most is his genuine love for photography, for the substance beyond the form, his continuous research and questioning. Shooting with him not only allows you to create art but also to learn and grow, which is what makes him such a great photographer.

Margot on the web
July 2021


Shooting with Ugo Grandolini is a real experience, a real journey. His ability to put you at ease, his empathy, his laughter make the sessions with him something unique, the feeling is that of being at home, pampered, loved and understood, a caress for the soul in short.
Ugo is a professional as well as a precious person and his images strong and passionate, sweet and romantic, raw and real are images that represent the truth we need in this very complex field.

Melissa on the web
July 2020


Ugo is a person who is wonderfully attentive to the personality of each model he works with, he contacted me for a session and we agreed together on locations, times and above all a poetic idea for the shooting, discussing the choice of colors and lights. We talked a lot and I can say with certainty that he has captured my interiority. I recommend it to everyone!

Silvia on the web
January 2020


Amazing Photographer. He makes sure you feel super comfortable and he’s is interested in knowing the model he works with. He can be really funny and keeps the shooting professional. The mood is always happy and light in shootings with him. can 100/100 recommend working with him!!

Maria on the web
November 2019


Ugo is a wonderful photographer. He is very talented and he knows how to observe the model before the shooting.
Thank you dear Ugo for this moment!
All the best!

Alexia on the web
December 2019


It has been an absolute joy working with Ugo. From our first contact till our shoot and after, he has been ever so professional, warm and easy to talk to. An incredibly creative and talented photographer with a keen eye for beauty and details, Ugo should be your go-to person to get an amazing portfolio done. If you ever get the chance to collaborate with him, count your lucky stars!

Thank you, Ugo for an amazing shoot and hope to work with you again very soon!

Lin on the web
November 2018


One of the best photo sessions I’ve had so far.

I felt very much at ease and the results were spectacular!

I would do it again without a doubt.

Ainhoa on the web
April 2018


Ugo’s photo sessions can be defined in three words: professionalism, comfort and joy.

He is an educated and respectful person and very good at his job.

So, whether you have little or large experience as a model, I highly recommend Ugo to you!

Sara on the web