nudeartzine: volume 00

This is a special issue, a kind of “pilot” issue where you will find some of my artistic nude, fine art, images created in 2020 with some different, beautiful, women.

Most of the photographs are taken in a forest and on the shores of Lake Como (Italy), some of them in an apartment I use as a studio.

Once this issue was ready, I started contacting photographers from all over the world and four months later, I had produced 30 issues: each one is a small gallery dedicated to the work of a photographer.

Available now on Amazon at about 9 US Dollars: Order “NUDEARTZINE: VOLUME 00” on Amazon

About nudeartzine
These days, photography is mainly “consumed” in digital form, often on a small screen, often censored. I decided to create this series – to the amazement of many – not to make money but to promote artistic nude photography printed on paper and without censorship.

In a world where photographs are enjoyed for the most part on small screens, this book is part of a project created to promote photography in its noblest form: printed on paper.
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