una sessione senza pretese

I discovered Giada almost two years ago, on a social network. Enchanted by her images of her, where she poses as a model, I wrote to her to see if I could organize a session. She replied to me in a cryptic way, so much so that I believed that she was pulling it off a bit and my interest began to wane ...

After a few months of her some pictures of her reappeared on my radar and I decided to return to the charge. I realized that she didn’t actually pull it off - but conversations on social media tend to warp reality, has that never happened to you? This time we met for a chat and decided that, in one way or another, we would cooperate.

It was February 2021 and I was starting to work on the nudeartzine project. I liked Giada not only the looks of her but also and definitely her energy and her head. We therefore decided to try to collaborate on the nudeartzine project and to postpone the famous photo session for some time.

Every now and then she came to see me to discuss the project and one day, almost for fun, we decided to create some portraits together, without particular pretensions, just to see what would come out of it. I immediately sent her a few images and then left them to “settle” on my hard drive, a practice that I have been following for a couple of years now.

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