I’m a simple man and my vision is probably limited, for what I can see the above image retracting my Friend Irene does not break any rules.

I cannot understand why this image was censored and removed 24 hours after I published it on Instagram.

Probably the robot taking charge of censoring is not perfect; if this is the case is a pity as who knows how many other beautiful images are removed every day...

It takes a lot of time for me to create, select, post-produce, plan and finally publish my images, believe me. And I always make sure to stay within the rules, to respect everyone.

I just do it for the joy of sharing my vision of women – beautiful creatures sometimes too much mistreated – and I don’t get paid anything for this work, just get some great comments by sensible souls that love my work.

I will be happy to know your point of view so, if you have 5 minutes to dedicate me, please [a href="http://ugosinhache.lan/contact/"]send me an email[/a]

Send me a nice and constructive comment on this topic and I will send you a signed & limited edition print of this image to the author of emails I better like.

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