Thank you for purchasing one of my prints!

On this page you will find some useful information about my prints.

Never touch the printed part!
After removing the print from its envelope, be careful to touch only the edges – in fact, your hands, even if just washed, can still ruin the print.

The ideal would be to use the special cotton gloves available on the market for a few Euros.

Landscape or portrait?
If in doubt about the orientation, to see the image as I thought it, place the thinner edge at the top.

I produce my prints using the best supports and original Epson UltraChrome Pro 10 inks which, in addition to ensuring the best color rendering, have a stability and light resistance of more than 75 years – source Epson.

An image becomes a photograph only after it has been printed
Each print is a tangible object, able to take different perspectives in the hands of those who observe it, take life of its own thanks to an always different light.