I followed the vicissitudes in Electra’s life for some time, I had already met other people who cut themselves but never as intensely as she is.

We produced the images of this volume in September 2020, during our first shooting in a wood near Como for the “Freedom” project. Images that I kept on my hard drive to mature, as I always do now.

I had already introduced the concept of “maturing images” in the first volume, the one together with Giada d’Occidente. Since the beginning of 2021, I no longer experience the initial frenzy of rushing to publish images on social media: I leave time and space to the images, and thus finish making the first selection only a few weeks after having produced them.
When, at the beginning of the session, I saw his tattoo on the arm of “The dark side of the Moon” - one of my favorite albums – I went into jujube soup and had one more confirmation, I had already understood it from a series of things he had told me along the way, that we would produce “publishable images”...

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