A couple of years ago, in 2020, I went to Copenhagen to attend a workshop on fine art nude photography. Whenever I travel, I always try to organize at least one photo session where I go, even when I travel with my wife, as on that occasion.

I then contacted a number of people on a specialized website and Christine was one of the first to respond.
I was particularly impressed with the scars on her chest that I noticed in a couple of photos of her on her profile. I wrote to her explaining my concept of beauty and that I would have liked to try to create glamorous images with her to show the world that true beauty is something different from what the media have been imposing for years.
When we produced the images for this volume in August 2021, the “appunti di viaggio” project was still in its embryonic state: I always have so many ideas / embryos in my head, sometimes they pass so quickly that I can’t even visualize them clearly ...

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